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St.Vincent's Pleace League

St. Vincent Peace League, the brain child of Vincentian Fathers, established in the year 2010, in order to promote Peace, Charity and Non violence among the students based on the ideals of St. Vincent De Paul and the Gandhian concepts. St. Vincent, a great visionary and lover of the poor who through his examplerary life, holiness and dedication to the marginalized and downtrodden, encourages the students to have a sense of compassion and attention towards the poor and needy.

The motto of the SVPL is to strive for a peaceful nonviolent world through the charity of St. Vincent. Childhood is the most suitable age to inculcate moral values because they are more receptive and ready to adapt themselves to any sort of life they are formed. Peace rest on the solid foundation of love between persons. If we are to teach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin it with the children. SVPL members promise to be peacemakers not only within the school premises but every where. Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the qualities we appreciate and seek. So anyone who wishes to be a promoter of peace and wishes to make his/her life for the uplift of the oppressed is welcome to this service unit; because the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others.

Through this service unit the students get an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, belongingness and feel the need to involve themselves in contributing their time, energy and efforts whatever way possible to make this world a better place by transforming their own personalities as better persons.

SVPL has created a laudable impact among the students over the years through various community based programmes like visiting the old age home, helping the underprivileged and destitute children and rendering their helping hand wherever necessary. In the month of July we visited the orphanage and distributed note books and writing materials which were the contribution of various classes. We also have visited a home for the aged run by Little Sisters of the Poor, at Chetpet, and gave provisions and other requirements. The sacrifice behind every contribution and the enthusiasm in which they have organized are really laudable. Every initiative instigated from the zeal to share their little things with the elderly who are confined to the home for the aged. They also entertained them with their witty and charming programmes.

The young and enthusiastic members got many opportunities to their calibre in various skills. Essay writing, crib making, drawing, clay modeling etc, are some of the exposures. Frequent meetings gave them ample opportunities to think, discuss and plan out the programes according to the need of the time. SVPL members welcomed with applause, The Joy of Giving Programme, an agenda of the central Government, in order to inculcate the culture of sharing among the students.

We had a wonderful day of visit to Dakshina Chithra, a living-history museum dedicated to South Indian heritage and culture in the month of September. The students enjoyed the assortment of fashion and got a chance to see houses which was constructed some centuries back . “The Upanishads say: “From joy does spring all this creation, by joy it is maintained, towards joy does it progress, and into joy does it enter.” So all our activities are headed towards the single objective of helping the young minds to be sensitive to the needs of others and inculcate in them a sense of altruistic attitude.

We are proud to say that every achievement of ours is attributed to the constant support, guidance and intuition of our Principal Rev.
Fr. Johny Koyikkara and the co-operative effort of all our SVPL Team.