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“My Goal is to formulate, a new colours theory based on the full spectrum of visible light”.

The spectrum science club was embarked in the year 1999 and it has aided in inculcating a scientific temper among the students. The club aims to train the students into developing a scientific bent of mind in learning and problem solving. Pedestal for students is provided by the club, to try out innovative ideas and do creative work. The club facilitates the learning of science in interactive, fun, informative and challenging ways. The simplified method to approach science is explored in the club.

The science literary association 2016 was officially inaugurated by Mr. David Abharam, Dept. of English, MCC, Chennai. To carry out its activities A. Mohan Raj of Std. XI and Dharshini of Std. IX were selected as the President and the Secretary respectively.

To stimulate and cultivate the spirit of analytical thinking a quiz was organized. To enhance a learning experience and competitive spirit a debate was organized on the topic mobile games are boon or bane for class IX and advantages and disadvantages of nuclear weapons for class XI. To promote and encourage the advancement of scientific education, working model competition was conducted. The competition, provided a hand on experience for the students that was both educative as well as entertaining.

Spectrum Science Club serves as a podium for the students to share scientific information, develop an awareness and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological fields, with God’s blessings, the club aims to continue to provide ample opportunities for students to stimulate their passion towards science in the forth coming years at SVS.