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Reb Ribbon Club

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have

A healthy body is always dependent on a healthy mind. Now a days it is very difficult to find people with good health because of our change in food habits.The Indian food style is the best suited to ensure good health.

Red Ribbon Club was formed in the school as a government initiative to create an awareness about HIV/AIDS and health science. We have to take care of our health as emphasized by the adage “Health is Wealth”.

World Blood Donor’s Day is observed every year by people in many countries around the world on June 14 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner. Red Ribbon Club of SVS observed world Blood Donor’s day on June 14th by delivering a brief speech regarding blood donation, and slogans were raised to highlight the importance of Blood Donation.

On June 16 International Alliance for the prevention of AIDS conducted AIDS awareness programme for the students of Std. IX with the combined effort from the volunteers of Arizona University.

Every month twice a week health tips are given to the students during the assembly about organic food, deficiency of vitamins etc.

On June 25th Red Ribbon Club joined hands with JRC and conducted one day out- reach programme to the Chennai Museum. Students were enlightened with the importance of the historical events.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

July 28 is observed as “World Hepatitis Day”. The day is dedicated to create an awareness among people about the viral disease transmitted through contaminated water.

A brief speech about Hepatitis was delivered in the assembly to prevent the out-break of this disease.

On 30th August Directorate of Public Health, Deputy Director Medical Services and Leprosy conducted a medical checkup for the students. Health Inspector Mr. Rajan gave a speech to create general awareness about Leprosy and TB with slide shows. He gave tips on personal hygiene and discussed the symptoms of leprosy.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens”.

December 1 is observed as AIDS awareness Day. Speech and drawing competitions were conducted. All goals and destinations can be achieved only with the able support and encouragement of our Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Koyikkara and Vice Principal, our beloved teachers and all our fellow students.