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“Life is Good for Only Two Things, Discovering Mathematics and Teaching Mathematics”.

Mathematics, the queen of all sciences remains and will remain a subject with great charm having an intrinsic value and beauty of its own. It plays an indispensable role in sciences, engineering and other subjects as well. So mathematical knowledge is essential for the growth of Science and technology, and for any individual to shine well in the field of one’s choice. In addition, a rigorous mathematical training gives not only the knowledge of mathematics but also a disciplined thought process,and an ability to analyze complicated problems.

Thiruvalluvar, the prophetic Tamil poet, atleast two thousand years ago underlined the importance and value of mathematical education by saying, vz;nzd;g Vid vOj;njd;g ,t;tpuz;Lk; fz;nzd;gthOk; capu;f;F (Fws; 392) The two that are known as numbers and letters They say are the eyes of people on the earth. (Kural 392)

Mathematics is a supremely creative force and not just a problem solving tool. A good mathematical training is much essential to create good work for posterity.

The intention of Ramanujam club is to promote creativity in learning Maths and make it an interesting subject among the younger generation. The club was inaugurated on June 24th 2016. Mr. David Abraham Albert, professor, Dept. of English, MCC, Chennai was the Chief Guest. He delivered a valuable message to the students. J. M. Libin Bright of XI C and E. Padma Priya of IX B were selected as the President and secretary, and speech and quiz competition were conducted in various levels. Students of std IX and std XI participated and won prizes. There’s no price to pay here; just a recognition of the abilities locked within the students that maths can open with its shining key. Maths is a great subject. Don’t knock it, just try it! Maths is the obliging friend who shows you the way. It is constant factor that brings stability in our lives.